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Bullying Prevention

We believe that all students have a right to a safe, secure, and healthy school environment. Our school, with support from the district and school communities, is committed to promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance.

Bullying Prevention and Student Behavior Intervention Activities


Prevention and Awareness Raising Strategies

  • Assemblies, videos, posters, duty/supervision schedule, CREW, activities/options at recesses

Intervention and Support Strategies

  • Meeting with leadership team, posters, Too Good for Drugs, Second Step, team building


  • Professional development, staff meetings, videos, conflict resolution videos, Rudy Benton method

Incident Reporting

  • “Dear Mr. Carrillo” – confidential journal writing
  • Adopt a “project” – professional development challenge


  • Class Dojo
  • Heritage website
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Blackboard (parent messaging system)